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Contact for pricing Eco Tower's prefabricated complete water treatment system is for the in-house water treatment professional.


This system includes a timed sampling conductivity control, 3/4" blow down valve, 30 gpd chemical metering pump, 5 gallon square poly chem tank, HT3P hand held conductivity meter for testing and calibration of control, chem injection tee and plumbing. All are pre mounted to a poly sheet board. This system allows simple installation without a sample loop using timed sampling control. One 3/4" pvc plumbing line from equipment to drain provides conductivity bleed control.

Control offers several options: Pulse, Post Bleed, With Bleed, Recycle or 28 Day Biocide, Simple step through menu, 2 year warranty.


Eco Tower provides 7 day a week tech support for every prefab unit sold and assistance with any installation questions.


Eco Tower can build a prefabricated system to meet any size systems specific water treatment requirements.

Complete Basic Prefab Do It Yourself Water Treatment System

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