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Your facilities equipment is a priority. Maintaining that equipment and keeping it at peak performance is crucial. We understand a tower or boiler that is not clean and maintained is not working at its highest efficiency.
With that being said, every one of our systems is treated as a mission critical system. Systems are tested, inspected and cleaned top to bottom each visit.



Communications is key! All of our technicians are equipped and deployed with electronic field reporting capabilities. Our specific electronic reporting system is very detailed in our chemistry ranges and includes a brief description if your system is operating in or out of chemistry parameters. Pictures of your equipment are also attached to the service reports. 

Eco Tower fully understands your cooling tower and boiler need lots of time and attention to properly maintain your system and give you your money's worth in service. A 10 or 30 minute service once or twice a month just does not get it done. In order for us to guarantee our tech spends the needed time on your site, we limit them to no more than 2 to 4 customer visits per day total depending on the size of the facilities being inspected that day. If your facility requires extra attention that day, each tech reserves the right above management to place the rest of their visits that day on hold until the problem at your facility is corrected and resolved. We value our customers and their equipment, adequate time spent in front of your system is the only way to perform quality water treatment with professional results. Our technicians are the most stress and problem free in the industry because they know they have all the time they need to properly service your facility. 


Eco Tower's second to none chemistry inspection and full service scope includes the following during each site visit.      

  • Tower and Make-up Chemistry Inspection

  • Clean Sump Screens and Basins

  • Inspect Fill Valves

  • Clean Spray Nozzles and Wet Decks

  • Wash Drift Eliminators

  • Wash Fan Assemblies

  • Inspect Chemical Treatment Equipment

  • Inspect Feed Tanks

  • Inspect Injection Quills

  • Inspect Softeners

  • Test Condensate Return

  • Inspect and Replace Door Gaskets



Eco Tower provides repairs and cleanings on the following.

  • Float Valve Assemblies

  • Drift Eliminators

  • Tower Fill

  • Tower and Tank Cleanings

  • Power Washing

  • Tower Coatings

  • Tower Leak Repairs

  • Chemically De Scale

  • Brush Condensers

  • Closed System Flush

  • Closed System Treatment

  • RSD / AMCOT Spindle Repair

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