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 Quality Water Treatment Not Quantity!

Water Treatment should always be based on QUALITY, not Quantity. Too many water treatment companies take the approach of seeing how many cooling towers they can push a tech to service in one day to increase their technician production rate and company profits per week. We at Eco Tower believe and have seen that this approach creates a mechanism for failure and neglect when this business strategy is applied to a water treatment service organization.

In order for Technicians to properly service and inspect a cooling tower, they need time, and lots of it.They should not feel rushed to get to the next customer while they are on your property. Most other companies pressure their technician with any where from 5 to 7 site inspections per day. Most techs already are planning on getting in and out as fast as they can the minute they arrive at your facility!  An average site visit under the quantity model is 10 to 30 minutes. A quality model should take anywhere from 1.5 hrs to 4 hrs depending on size of equipment and number of cooling towers onsite. This averages out at 2 to 4 site visits per day per Eco Tower technician. 

Services on a cooling tower should include the following:

.Full range testing on Tower and Raw Water includes Alkalinity, Chlorides, PH, Conductivity, COC, Calcium, Treatment PPM

.Calibration and Inspection and Cleaning of all Chemical Feed Equipment IE Controllers, Blow Down Valves, Sensors and Pumps.

.Inspection of Nozzles and Sump Screens

.Washing Down of Cooling Tower, Cooling Tower Intake Panels, Cooling Tower Drift Eliminators.

.Siphon Cleaning The  Cooling Tower Basin.

The above service scope can simply just not be done in a 10, 15 or even a 30 minute service visit.

If your water treatment service entity has become scarce and you are noticing any thing that resembles the fallowing pics, you should think about changing your water treatment service to a company who knows what it takes to properly service a cooling tower.



Trash Left Around Towers an Equipment
Trash And Debris Left Lying Around         Sensors Left Uncleaned Cause Fouling
Trash Left Obstructing Tower Air Flow      Sensors Left Uncleaned Cause Fouling
Trash and Unsightly Tower Debris Left in Tower Area to Obstruct Pump Airflow
Scale Formation
Tower Fouled and Debris Left in Basin            Lack of Washing Down Tower
Lack of Basin and Fan Damper Cleaning          Lack of Washing Down Tower
Improper Chemistry Causing Erosion Corrosion
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