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ECO TOWER is a full service water treatment provider for cooling tower's, boiler's and closed loop systems. We also provide treatment and service programs for a multitude of other water related applications.

ECO TOWER's technicians are trained seasoned and experienced. Our technicians are trained to be familiar with high mineral content water and have been involved in the Arizona water treatment industry since 1974.



MONDAY - FRIDAY: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

​SATURDAY: Emergency Service Only

SUNDAY: Emergency Service Only​


24HR Emergency Service​



5301 S Superstition Mtn Dr.

Suite 104 #186

Gold Canyon, AZ 85118

About Us


ECO TOWER is a comprehensive and economical water treatment full service provider. Our customer base ranges from hospital's, office complex's, grocery stores, cold storage facilities with large ammonia systems to dry cleaning facilities. Any system that utilizes water as a heat transfer source needs water treatment. Our mission is to provide a scale, corrosion and microbio free environment in your heating and cooling system as well as save our most valuable resource, WATER!

Our Services


​- Full Service Chemistry Programs

- Electronic Report Analysis

- Chemical Flushing (De Scale)

- Automated Treatment Programs 

- Fabrication of Treatment Systems

- Water Quality Testing

- Tower and Plumbing Dinsinfecting

- Treatment Equipment Sales

- Tower Parts Sales

- Tower Cleaning

- 24hr chemistry monitoring

- Water Use Reduction

- GPS Tracked Fleet

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